Risk-based Payroll Testing

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Suite of tests designed to analyze employee and payroll data to rank potential violators by risk level in a scorecard format

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System Requirements
IDEA 9.1.1, 9.2, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and higher

Risk-based Payroll Testing

Quickly identify employees who are potentially violating payroll processes or controls with this suite of 14 tests that can be run in various combinations, including the ability drill down for greater detail. This complete suite contains a dialog box allowing users to select which tests to run, input additional information needed for specific parameters and control how scores are weighted.


How it Works

To collect an overall risk rating by employee, the user sets the risk level to high, medium or low for each test. Employees who fail the most individual tests are sorted in descending order from highest to lowest. The final scorecard database includes action links to drill down into the data to see more details. The App automatically creates a subfolder to store the database with the final results, which is flagged to make it easier to find.


14 tests included in this App:


  • Different Employee Same Bank Information
  • Missing Bank Information
  • Employees Over Mandatory Retirement
  • Duplicate Tax ID Information 
  • Missing or Invalid Tax Information 
  • Employees Without PTO 
  • Employees Without Benefits Deductions 
  • Low Federal / National Tax Withholding 
  • Payments After Termination 
  • Manual Payroll Checks 
  • High Overtime Pay 
  • Unusual Net Pay 
  • Unusual Hourly Rate Changes 
  • Unusual Salary Base Pay Changes


You will need to tag individual fields in order to run the tests. This requires access to both HR Master Data and Payroll Transaction data. If these fields are not available in one database, a database can be created by performing a join of HR Master Data and Payroll Transaction Data in IDEA using common fields, such as employee ID. Instructions for tagging databases are provided in the User Guide, provided with the suite.

Note: This app requires an English IDEA Version and a computer with an English operating system as well as English or American region and language settings.

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