IS Fraud Tool Kit

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Audit tests for highlighting suspicious transactions

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Excl. 19% VAT
*Minimum usage tent space from the conclusion by the end of the following year. Multipart settlement, pro rata to the first calculation of the current year, then Yearlong sequence calculation beginning of every year.
System Requirements
IDEA 9.1.1, 9.2, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and higher

The IS Fraud Tool Kit contains various audit tests that enhance the Benford tests found in IDEA along with including several additional tests looking for number duplication and rounded numbers.

Main app content:

  • Benford Tests:
    • 1st digit test
    • 2nd digit test
    • 3rd digit test
    • 4th digit test
    • 1st two digit test
    • 1st three digit test
    • Last two digit test
  • Duplication Tests:
    • Same-Same-Same test
    • Same-Same-Different test
    • Number Duplication test
  • Other tests:
    • Relative Size Factor test
    • Modulus test
    • Mod tax test

Benefits of the IS Fraud Tool Kit app:

The IS Fraud Tool Kit is addressed to auditors and fraud examiners who wish to increase their coverage using current IDEA analysis while adding additional fraud related tests.

The IS Fraud Took Kit app should be used where users wish to look for suspicious transactions within a database. The app has several tests that enhance tests available in. IDEA along with adding several additional tests.

The IS Fraud Tool Kit app provides the users with enhanced Benford analysis. IDEA only allows Benford analysis to be performed on the entire file, the IS Fraud Tool Kit will perform the Benford analysis based on a key field, such as an accounts payable file in which you wish to perform Benford's analysis on each vendor.

The IS Fraud Tool Kit contains several tests that allows the user to look for duplicates. Duplication tests allow the user to look for duplicate transactions, near duplicate transactions in which one item is different, or unusual duplicate numbers.

The kit also has several new tests that cannot be easily performed within IDEA such as the Relative Size Factor test which identifies anomalies where the largest amount for subsets in a given key is outside the norm for those subsets.