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Easily performs fuzzy matches for address information to reduce false positives and find true matches.

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System Requirements
IDEA 9.1.1, 9.2, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and higher

Fraudsters often use variations in spelling, punctuation and formatting of addresses to conceal their schemes. It’s fairly simple to do, and frequently goes undetected – unless you have the Address Cross Checker App. This App applies a digital approach to cross-checking addresses. By removing alphabetic characters, spaced and punctuation marks, the App distills the address to just numbers, which produces a higher number of matches. Using the street number of the address, and the first five digits of the zip code, duplicates are easily detected. It also allows you to easily perform a fuzzy match by cross-matching, for areas such as comparing employee data against vendor files. A key feature of this App is it enables the user to enter a percentage match threshold that limits the number of false positives. With just a few clicks, this App finds true matches that would usually go undetected.


How it Works

The Address Cross Checker App combines numbers found in street address fields (street address, suite number, box number, etc.) with the first 5 digits in the address’ zip code to create a numeric address key for each address record. The address key can then be used to match addresses within a database or between any two address databases to produce a higher number of true matches. Some fuzzy matches will occur, such as two addresses on different streets within the same zip code. This mainly occurs in cities where there is greater uniformity in street layouts. This App utilizes two matching approaches:


  • Approach #1: The Visual Connector feature within IDEA performs many-to-many matches. Each address key record in the first database will be matched to every possible matching address key record in the second database.
  • Approach #2: The Join database feature in IDEA performs a many-to-one match. Each address key record in the first database will be matched to the first matching address key record encountered in the second database.


The output database from both matching processes will need to be reviewed to separate the true matching records from the inadvertent or false positive matches. The Address Cross Checker App is designed to accommodate up to three separate street address fields and one separate zip code field thus providing greater flexibility in building your address key.


Note: The zip code information should not be included in the street address field count unless it is combined in the same field as the other street address information (like a city, state, and zip code). It is highly recommended that you separate the zip code into its own field before you begin the testing. If you choose not to, then include the field that contains the zip code as one of the street address fields.

This app requires an English IDEA Version.

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