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Detect errors and possible fraud schemes within deposit accounts.


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System Requirements
IDEA 9.2, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and higher

Currently, many financial institutions have limited capacity for auditing and monitoring deposit accounts for anomalies and exceptions, often times relying on manual reviews of pre-canned reports generated from core banking systems. In many instances institutions are not aware of a number of high-risk fraud scenarios due to a lack of knowledge or expertise.

CaseWare Analytics’ Account Activity Manager provides an easy way to automatically detect errors and possible fraud schemes involved with deposit accounts. The application uses IDEA® Data Analysis software and includes several tests that identify control weaknesses by analyzing data generated from deposit accounts. Once identified, the application then reports the exceptions and provides guidelines for remediation.


CaseWare Analytics Account Activity Manager provide results that allow banks and other financial institutions to identify, respond to and reduce the following risks:


  • Internal and External Fraud Risk 
  • Regulatory Compliance Risk 
  • Financial Statement Risk 
  • Operational and Transactional Risk 
  • Financial Loss 
  • Credit Risk 
  • Reputational Risk 


Key Benefits


  • Monitors 100% of data 
  • Protects banks’ and customers’ assets 
  • Detects fraud, errors & omissions 
  • Improves compliance with internal policies 
  • Increases efficiency 
  • Identifies exceptions and issues early to reduce financial impac 
  • Provides guidance for investigation and remediation 


This app requires an English IDEA Version.

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